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Yilmaz Aydin and his team provide the following legal services.

Yilmaz Aydin employs a dual nationality assistant (British and Turkish) who speaks fluent English within his team who understands British law as well as Turkish law to help you to compare the difference. Yilmaz Aydin has been providing legal advice and services pertaining to the list of services available for many years. Since 1969 he has been working within legal Cadastral Survey and land registration for foreign origin citizens in Turkey. He has been working in Istanbul, the Mediterranean and the Aegean holiday resort areas providing land and building acquisition and advisory services, Land transfer procedures and disputes within purchase and sales contracts including National Real Estate administrations and seized Foundations. His services include but are not limited to, Soil, land and building purchases and sales of all land legislation and registration, counseling and guidance services; NB: Contractors have to work within the urban renewal times due to the earthquake act, as well as advisory and consultancy services for construction contracts. Probate documents related to immovable property deed cancellation, litigious cases, the 2B application guidance, development plan, development plan revisions, local development plan, subdivision and unifying operations, (split and merge), inheritance and cancellation proceedings REDUCTIONS, heritage improvisation and dissolution of partnership cases, forcing the administration to grant real property in general and administrative cancellation of zoning cases. If necessary, follow-up on these issues and references to the European Court of Human Rights. Criminal Jurisdiction; Heritage Solicitors, Deed of termination of contract – Practical Law, Real Estate Law, Contract Lawyer, Contractors for Construction Contract with the times Administrative judiciary Town Planning and Zoning Law, Zoning Regulations regarding cancellation and complete accident claim cases. Citizenship Procedures – Residence and Work Permits in Turkey.

  • Available Services


      İş Hukukunda Uzman Avukat Kadromuzla

      1 – Hizmet Tespit Davaları

      2 – Yurtdışı Her Türlü Hizmet Borçlanması İşlemlerinin Yapılması

      3 – İş Kazaları Ve İş Güvenliği İle İlgili İtilaflardan Doğan Davalar, İlgili Tazminat Davaları

      4 – Yurtdışında Çalışanların ve Yaşayanların emeklilik davaları

    • Inheritance Law

      Power of Attorney, Wills & Estate Planning, Co-ownership of Property, Trusts, Probate and Administration, Probate disputes, Inheritance tax services in Turkey, With over 45 years experience on inheritance Law, we are here to help with best legal advice and service in the area at a reasonable price.

    • Land Law

      We provide Land Law advice in Turkey. We are assisting clients to achieve successful outcomes to any Land Law related problem.We represent both Corporate and Individual clients

    • Property Law

      Yılmaz Aydın and his teams of specialist property lawyers are on hand every day to ensure that your property transaction is built on solid foundations. We deal with all property services in Turkey, from landlord and tenant disputes, commercial property and residential conveyancing. We provide detailed legal advice or written opinion for solutions to all standard and complex property law inquiries. With a dedicated English speaking team, we are helping your property law inquiries İn all major cities across the Turkey. Including Fethiye, Bodrum, Kaş, Antalya, İzmir, Kuşadası, Manisa, Mugla, İstanbul etc….

    • Construction Law

      We are preparing or counselling for Independent Contractor Agreement, contractors agreement for construction, Pre-Construction Services Agreement, Agreement For Construction Of Building Between The Owners And The Contractors On Turnkey Basis investigating the contract and give written or verbal advice for the contractors offers to construct the same on a ‘turnkey basis’ and also to prepare the site layout plans, preliminary sketch designs, architectural drawings, structural drawings, service drawings and all other detailed plans and drawings as may be necessary for the proper construction and completion of the said works and also obtain necessary permissions from the Municipal Corporation

    • Civil Litigation

      Our team of civil litigation solicitors will make or defend claims on your behalf in a speedy and efficient manner. Our team is here to help listen and assist with practical advice in any public or private, civil or legal disputes. Our civil litigation solicitors team will help with practical advice, be it through negotiation or the Civil, County or High Court.

    • Tort Law

      This is a broad category which covers all civil wrongs (“torts”). Yılmaz Aydın and his litigation expert team has extensive experience in the areas of commercial litigation, property litigation, personal injury, employment, company commercial, conveyancing and other property transactions and professional negligence. Representing clients in these legal fields.

    • Contracts Law

      Consultancy specializing in Contract and Commercial law. Advice – Negotiation – Drafting – Disputes for the following contracts; Building contracts, Constructions contracts, Service and goods contracts, Deeds of variation.

    • Refugee Law

      Providing certain conditions after a certain period of residence in Turkey, foreigners are entitled to apply for citizenship. After winning the right to make the application and details skillfully nothing left to chance and must be calculated through the eyes of an expert.

    • Criminal Law

      As criminal lawyers, we represent those suspected or accused of crime. We provide legal advice and representation during police inquiries and at court.

    Yilmaz Aydin Legal Opinions Expert Witness

    Yilmaz Aydin is available as a legal expert witness giving written opinions and verbal advice to individual, professionals and appropriate organisations. He has a broad depth of experience in Land, Property, Inheritance Law, which enables his opinion to be broad and at the same time focused on the specific issues involved.