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Sample FAQ

  • Testators written in cursive. His hand should be crop. The mind and will of the testator’s last will and testament must be mastered. Edit location-registration needed. Requests should be clear and specific. Carry the signature of the testators. After such an amendment shall be deposited in a closed envelope, placed before a magistrate or a notary public. These authorities operate, and keeping record of the population is obliged to do.

  • Executor, the person assigned to the fulfillment of the will. This will be the person that testators trust and  rely on. When approved by the judge o his mission ends. (usually a lawyer who contribute to the organization)

  • If  legal testament can not be prepared because of  sudden death, disaster such as earthquake or war …etc . In the exceptional cases and circumstances, Turkish law enabled verbal testament. It has to be witnessed verbal and written in form to be enabled jurisdictions.  The last wishes has determined any kind of purpose and under the conditions .

    It is very important to get a legal advice on this kind of testament.